Tractor Races - Enjoy the variety of races. 

  • The slow tractor races take a little time but enjoyable to watch, see how slow a tractor can go.
  • The dead tractor races are much faster, see how fast the driver can run, get on and start his tractor and get to the finish line.
  • The slow steamer races are fun to watch as it doesn't look like they are ever moving, but are just slow.
  • The slow lawn mower races can work while they race.
  • The dead sled races are always fun as you can put almost anything or anyone on the sled and see if you can stop the tractor from pulling it.

Tractor Pull – As you near this open event you can hear the antique tractors as they begin to pull the sled in the competition to see how far they can pull the heaviest weights.  Trophies are handed out to the winners.  The Tractor Pull is put on by the Green Mountain Tractor Pull Association.



Tractor Rodeo - This is a fun opportunity for everyone to participate in the fun.  We have several games for all ages from Frying Pan Toss, Wrench Toss, and several Tractor games.

Western Dakota Antique Club

Black Hills Threshing Bee