Bear Butte Post Office – come in but only a few at a time as this tiny post office doesn’t have much room but holds a lot of history.  You can check out the mailboxes, see some old postage stamps, and postmark a piece of paper.  The post office was restored in 2004; check out the original was that is still showing behind the Postmasters cage.
School House – School in the country.  You can just visualize the students at their desk, numerous books, the chalkboards and maps on the wall, the water cooler full ready for you.  The school is just as some remember it when they attended the school many years ago.
Blacksmith Shop – As you near the blacksmith shop you can hear the ringing of metal as the craftsman turn the hot iron into hooks, hearts, games and numerous other items while standing over the hot coals.
Log Cabin – The cabin has had an adventure; it was first moved to the park in Sturgis and then to the club grounds.  The Women’s Auxiliary has done a wonderful job in preserving the interior of the cabin with its old furnishings.  Her you can only begin to imagine how a family would live in this one room home with no plumbing or electric.
Museum – Started in 2003.  As you enter our museum you might want to give a hand and help make a small rope, shell some corn and then come on inside and grind that corn into corn meal in the kitchen area.  While inside take note of some of the old tools used around the farm, clothing from the past, and a variety of pictures from our shows year ago along with many other displays.
Kenoyer Building - Here you will visit the laundry center from the Fruth Hotel as well as several small engines.
Men’s Diner – Step on the board walk and place your order then come sit in the shade under one of the canopy’s and enjoy your lunch over a buzzing conversation with many stories about the way things used to be.
Hardy Building (Office) – Come in and see the old lithograph printing press along with the General Store display.  While in there you can shop for a few souvenirs to take home. 
Centennial Building – Our creamery can’t be beat with a fine collection of old cream separators, churns, acid bottles and cartons.  You can just imagine the work load for every day as the cranks were turned by hand on most of the equipment.
Women’s Auxiliary – Come in and get your day started with some breakfast, sit and relax while you eat.  While in there you can look at the old Kitchen display and the Laundry display.


Western Dakota Antique Club

Black Hills Threshing Bee